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FF: u u u u uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
FF: hey
EO: You camΣ back¿¿¿¿
FF: y yeah
FF: i s sort of realized t that
FF: i have n no idea what im d d doing
FF: h how do you play this g game again
EO: WΣll, you should havΣ gottΣn a tutorial with thΣ starting intΣrfacΣ. Didn't you¿¿
FF: i w wasnt paying attention
FF: because i t think this is s shitty and s stupid
EO: I... sΣΣ¡¡
EO: Do I at lΣast gΣt to lΣarn your namΣ this timΣ¿¿
FF: fine
FF: i im j j jentha
EO: Hi, JΣntha¡¡ I'm ΣllsΣΣ. It's so nicΣ to propΣrly mΣΣt you¡¡ =:)
FF: d do you like n n not make friends often or s something
EO: Do you¿¿
FF: t touche
FF: anyways t tell me how i w win
EO: I don't rΣally think this is that kind of gamΣ¿¿ It's probably a lot morΣ... immΣrsivΣ than that.
EO: What mattΣrs is thΣ journΣy, not thΣ dΣstination, ΣtcΣtΣra.
FF: a are there any cheat c codes
EO: What¿¿¿¿ No¡¡¡¡
FF: okay then w what class d do i play as
EO: You just play as yoursΣlf¡¡
FF: that s s sucks
FF: why would i want to p play myself in a v video game
FF: i im not c cool
FF: i w want to like
FF: t turn into a w werebeast and d destroy my enemies and stuff
FF: you have a magic b book it probably tells you h how to do it
EO: Gosh, it rΣally doΣsn't¡¡ It only has likΣ, a couplΣ of intΣrΣsting tidbits, and I laid out all thΣ rΣlΣvant information in hΣrΣ as soon as you lΣft.
EO: MaybΣ thΣrΣ's somΣthing morΣ critical in thΣ missing pagΣs¿¿ But I havΣ no idΣa what happΣnΣd to thosΣ, so...
EO: I'm not somΣ sort of all-knowing sΣΣr or anything. I'vΣ bΣΣn just as shockΣd about thΣsΣ rΣvΣlations as thΣ rΣst of you¡¡
FF: m man i came here for n nothing then
FF: this is u useless
EO: =:(
SA: (i do have a pertinent question, actually...)
EO: Oh¿¿¿¿ What is it¿¿¿¿¿¿
SA: (have either of you seen a big monster with glowing purple eyes, by any chance? ó^ò)
SA: (oh dear, I need to go. i'm getting other messages)
SA: (but please, if you have any other tidbits to give i will gladly take them)