Occeus: Seek aid from one of your confidants.

-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling sanguineAllegory [SA] --

ME: Hell.o. S.o.vara
SA: (um... hello there, OCCEUS)
ME: Eye really h.o.pe this is n.o.t a bad time f.o.r y.o.u, but eye will just cut t.o. the chase
ME: Eye believe eye am in need .o.f a listening ear
ME: The .o.thers have much m.o.re pressing matters t.o. attend t.o. than my w.o.es
ME: And there are .o.nly s.o. many pe.o.ple eye feel c.o.mf.o.rtable c.o.nfiding in
SA: (i would love to "chew your mind", as it were)
SA: (but it sadly is a very very very bad time for me as well)
SA: (i don't know if i can handle emotional support at the moment)
ME: Has the day and everything else g.o.tten t.o. y.o.u t.oo.
SA: (you've no idea)
SA: (and i don't know if i can do anything about it, either)
SA: (i feel so trapped. i always feel so trapped)
ME: Th.o.se are my sentiments exactly
ME: Eye d.o.n't kn.o.w what t.o. believe in anym.o.re
SA: (i'm very sorry, OCCEUS ó^ò)
ME: S.o. am I
SA: (i do have one thing i would like to ask you before i go)
ME: Please g.o. right ahead
SA: (do you know anything about these... towering, wispy black creatures)
SA: (they have horrible glowing purple eyes, like reflective deadlights)
ME: .O.h n.o.
ME: Y.o.u see them as well?
SA: (i don't know what i'm seeing! i just don't know anymore)
ME: Listen t.o. me, y.o.u must clear y.o.ur sight
ME: Push it t.o. the back .o.f y.o.ur mind and d.o. n.o.t let their visage linger if y.o.u can help it
ME: They thrive .o.n y.o.ur attenti.o.n
SA: (you sound very experienced with the subject)
SA: (i am not sure if that is more or less concerning o^o)
ME: Let's just say that my experiences are very pers.o.nal
SA: (well... thank you regardless)
SA: (i know you were the one who came to me for help, and i promise i will give it in return!)
SA: (just not right now)
ME: Eye understand
ME: F.o.cus .o.n what is m.o.st imp.o.rtant t.o. y.o.u
ME: That is all y.o.u can d.o.
ME: If y.o.u need anything else, please d.o. n.o.t hesitate t.o. n.o.tify me at .o.nce
SA: (will do! you be safe ;^;)

-- sanguineAllegory [SA] stopped trolling macabreExude [ME] --