GS: It was a part of our agreement.
GS: In exchange for your knowledge, I will ensure that the others properly appreciate your efforts.
GS: Besides, I've my own standards. That was nothing less than deserved.
GS: I know Turkin much better than you.
EO: And I don't know you that wΣll ΣithΣr, othΣr than somΣ scattΣrΣd momΣnts in mΣmos and thΣ obvious stuff from a fΣw swΣΣps ago.
EO: Mostly, I'vΣ hΣard a bunch of storiΣs from thΣ othΣrs.
GS: Good ones, I hope?
EO: Not rΣally.
GS: Ah, well. Figures.
EO: I mΣan, thΣy wΣrΣn't all bad things. Just kinda vaguΣ.
EO: I was lΣft with a lot of guΣsswork. And maybΣ... I was bΣing a littlΣ prΣsumptuous.
EO: Which isn't to say you can't bΣ pompous and shitty. BΣcausΣ you can bΣ and you arΣ.
EO: But who isn't shitty ΣvΣry oncΣ in a whilΣ¿¿¿¿
EO: I'll bΣ thΣ first to admit that I can bΣ sΣlfish and nΣΣdy¡¡
EO: ThΣ point is, I think I misjudgΣd you a bit¿¿
EO: I wasn't thΣ most charitablΣ pΣrson aftΣr thΣ wholΣ OccΣus dΣbaclΣ, and your tonΣ in thΣ mΣmo rΣally didn't hΣlp.
GS: This is a very roundabout way of saying "thank you".
EO: I was gΣtting to it¡¡¡¡
EO: Thank you, CaldΣr. =:)
EO: And hΣy, who knows¿¿
EO: MaybΣ aftΣr this wholΣ thing blows ovΣr, WΣ could bΣ thΣ onΣs gΣtting chummy.
EO: I think I'd likΣ that.