AH: XDXD What the fuck is this bulge ribbed looking soulsucker doing standing outside of my hive. XDXD
EO: RΣmΣmbΣr how wΣ said thΣrΣ wΣrΣ thosΣ things that wΣrΣ sort of aiding us with gΣtting in quickΣr¿¿
EO: That’s probably onΣ of thΣm.
EO: Just lΣavΣ thΣm bΣ, wΣ havΣ morΣ prΣssing mattΣrs to attΣnd to, if you havΣn’t sΣΣn thΣ bΣautiful morning sky.
EO: So how Σxactly arΣ you intΣnding on rΣpΣnting for your transgrΣssions¿¿
EO: I’m curious.