A joke? Not at all. Unruly? Without a doubt.

METATRON: not a joke, but from my perspective, oddly unwarranted.
MURRIT: >([unwarranted?]
MURRIT: >([you think you got any right to call this unwarranted?]
METATRON: i feel like you may not know who you're talking to.
MURRIT: >([feel like you don't either.]
METATRON: oh, pardon, i was being literal. that wasn't a veiled threat of any kind.
METATRON: as the time player involved with the initial setup of your session, i'm sure you had certain expectations you felt would be met.
METATRON: and i'm equally sure gusion straightened a lot of these misconceptions out, before your land was formed.
METATRON: but what you may not know is that i am not the entity you think i am.
METATRON: most of the others are not aware of his existence, much less that i've a connection to him. they may eventually, if circumstances allow it.
METATRON: as it stands, i'm simply an extension of his processing power. a method of access and memory storage across your session that gets back to him, while also offering direct aid to those who are unable to meet him personally.
METATRON: in short, he can hear you, but you're not talking to him directly.
METATRON: what he sees and what i do are not mutually exclusive, but rarely do they—
MURRIT: >([god, shut up.]