Where is he leading this conversation? I've not seen him like this since he was young.

MURRIT: >([he can hear me, right?]
MURRIT: >([that's what you said, yeah?]
METATRON: it is, but i can't guarantee he will at this exact moment.
METATRON: his schedule is rather rigid of late. he doesn't like to view things out of order if he can help it.
METATRON: though he could have been waiting for something like this, patiently tapping his finger to the beat until he learns something new.
MURRIT: >([was under the impression he already knew everything.]
METATRON: that depends.
METATRON: it's a very complex standard he's set for himself. it's meant to be story-esque.
MURRIT: >([why?]
METATRON: he has an audience.
MURRIT: >([yes i am well aware of his fuckin' gracious showman schtick.]
MURRIT: >([i know how he rolls.]
METATRON: do you?
MURRIT: >([i'd like to think so.]