I would like to think so as well. But where does that leave us? What was the boiling point that made you reach such needless anger?

METATRON: then what exactly is the issue?
METATRON: honestly, with what information i have gathered on you thus far, i was led to believe that you were a funny if not downright eccentric and raunchy personality.
MURRIT: >([does that negate the authenticity of these actions?]
METATRON: it comes across as jarring without context.
METATRON: makes a scene of sorts.
MURRIT: >([yeah well if this is a fucking show then you could say that i’ve been trying to push my acting abilities in the leading role i’ve been given.]
MURRIT: >([a regular brendan fraser or, maybe even a kid rock if i’m a lucky man.]
MURRIT: >([where i’m from, the seasons are never ending, so you’ve gotta keep the ideas fresh or else the content well runs dry.]
MURRIT: >([you need new blood, new lights, new sets.]
MURRIT: >([the boundaries get pushed.]
MURRIT: >([but let's say that you do all of that in this hamfisted metaphor.]
MURRIT: >([and it still isn’t enough.]
MURRIT: >([what do you propose happens to the show then?]
METATRON: it ends?
MURRIT: >([it sells out.]
MURRIT: >([and i sell out hard with it.]