You compromised your ideals, you went against your duty.

MURRIT: >([i compromised my ideals, i went against my duty.]
MURRIT: >([because i want this goddamn show to keep going on without a hitch.]
METATRON: you said you felt he knew that you would do this, but you never told me what you think he should know.
METATRON: what exactly makes you say that?
METATRON: did he ever give you an idea as to why you felt that way, outside of knowing that he keeps tabs on the situation?
MURRIT: >([i knew that i had eleven other trolls to get in here or die trying, and that he would know the deal was complete because i would have an idea of what i was waiting on once i got that busted ass temple built back up.]
MURRIT: >([i even took a note right out of his tv guide.]
MURRIT: >([i kept a 12/6 watch on what the rest of the crew was doing.]
MURRIT: >([i partially used it as an excuse to keep my delusional career afloat for the masses. i went all in on the concept, because if i didn’t know, then there was risk.]
MURRIT: >([there was a lofty gamble involved.]
MURRIT: >([and i had just hopped off my gambling addiction.]