Persist in your unforgiving “perfection”. Just because I’m weak enough that the static allows you to peer in and become momentarily tangible does not mean you can ruin this show. Not like you have me.

METATRON: assuming by “knock off” you’re using slang for “kill”, what would draw you to something as visceral as murder as your solution?
MURRIT: >([back in the day? probably a couple pocket loops and a compliment on my outfit.]
MURRIT: >([that was my every night for a solid span.]
MURRIT: >([murder comes off as a necessary circumstance when a majority of your youth consists of making the statement of greed upon charity.]
MURRIT: >([sure, it might be frowned upon at best with the low population size and all, but what did i care if anyone disapproved of me back then.]
MURRIT: >([then i met someone.]
MURRIT: >([i rounded up the herd and decided i wanted to settle down at the ripe old age of young and make a change.]
MURRIT: >([so i changed.]
MURRIT: >([or i tried to make one work, anyways.]
MURRIT: >([threw everything else in the trash because it reminded me of something i didn’t want to be anymore.]
MURRIT: >([after that it was just business is as business does.]
MURRIT: >([but something eventually caught my eye and made me run stiff.]