I may be weak now, but that does not mean you can ruin this show. Not like you have ruined me.

METATRON: assuming that "knock off" is slang for "kill", what in the world would draw you to so visceral a reaction as murder?
MURRIT: >([back in the day? probably a couple pocket loops and a snide comment.]
MURRIT: >([that was my every night for a solid span.]
MURRIT: >([murder comes off like nothing when you spend most of your youth making short work of charity and runnin' with underworld kingpins.]
MURRIT: >([sure, it might be frowned upon with the low population size an' all, but what did i care what anyone thought of me? i was set no matter what.]
MURRIT: >([then i met someone.]
MURRIT: >([rounded up the herd and decided i wanted to settle down at the ripe old age of teen and make a change.]
MURRIT: >([so i did.]
MURRIT: >([or i tried to make one work, anyway.]
MURRIT: >([threw everything else in the trash, 'cause it reminded me of who i didn't wanna be anymore.]
MURRIT: >([after that it was just business is as business does.]
MURRIT: >([until something eventually caught my eye. somethin' that made me run stiff.]