[I2S1] ======>

You further elaborate by saying you've got a real hot foot ready to give Stretch a swift flight of fancy down this here contraption. SIMULANT SYCOPHANT says hey now, maybe we should all just take a breather and calm down, little fella. There's no need to get this worked up over a bit of harmless fun staged for a nice photograph. You say that you don't remember asking about his last trip to the post office. DEFINED DEMONSTRATOR asks if you're doing okay, because you've seemed a little fuzzy ever since you politely requested to tie them up please. You say that's enough about your feelings on disestablishmentarianism! HOLISTIC BUSTLER pipes in and adds that if you'd like, he can get you a cool glass of water in a jiffy. You throw your hat on the ground. How DARE he start lip-syncing the lyrics to "I Want It That Way" when you are afflicted with working duties! That's one of your favorite tunes!!!

You are simply going to have to show them who runs things around here. Which is you in this very specific set of circumstances.