GD: Ye/\h ok/\y, I definitely knew /\bout /\ll your p/\st g/\mbling shen/\nig/\ns///
GD: There is no w/\y for me not to h/\\/e, seeing /\s how it w/\s /\ m/\jor p/\rt of my own problems for the better p/\rt of /\ couple sweeps///
GD: I m/\y not remember the full det/\ils of /\ lot of the r/\ndom filth you tell me, but I’m not forgetting /\ny of the shit you forced me to do b/\ck then /\nytime soon///
GD: It’s /\ bit better but honestly, it’s /\ hell I’m still li\/ing in///
GD: So the history lesson there w/\s unnecess/\ry///
GD: Continue on to the more \//\lu/\ble p/\rt th/\t I thought you were going to deli\/er in the first pl/\ce///

UK: >([dont interrupt t#is is integral tissue mout#]