[I2S2] ======>

HAMIFI: Staff members said you were trawling the halls, not responding to anyone. They tried to ask you questions, but you were catatonic, so they came down to me instead.∞
HAMIFI: They also said that your PsyOP was going haywire. That you were stumbling and knocking into every wall and end table in the building!∞
HAMIFI: Oh gods, you don't even have your glasses on.∞
HAMIFI: You're lucky I keep spares.∞
SESTRO: ∞i did what?
SESTRO: ∞i don't remember any of that.
HAMIFI: Are you lucid now?∞
SESTRO: ∞i— i think so?
HAMIFI: Then tell me what just happened up there.∞
SESTRO: ∞we... me and the executive talked things through.
SESTRO: ∞i had to watch him pass.
SESTRO: ∞it felt wrong to leave his side when he was trying to reach out.
HAMIFI: Why are you hiding things from me?∞
SESTRO: ∞i'm—
SESTRO: ∞i'm not trying to hurt you, hamifi.
HAMIFI: Well, I am hurt.∞
HAMIFI: I'm hurt because I know that can't be it.∞
HAMIFI: Because I know you wear your soul on your hands, and you've never thought to keep it from me before.∞
SESTRO: ∞...
SESTRO: ∞can i tell you after we're done out here?
SESTRO: ∞i'm still just... processing.
SESTRO: ∞that's all.
HAMIFI: You better do that, then.∞
HAMIFI: We're running late as is, since you apparently thought it a good idea to give our janitors more of a reason to demand leave.∞
SESTRO: ∞and i would grant it, too.
HAMIFI: ... ∞
HAMIFI: I'm sure you have enough thoughts swirling around in that oversized think pan of yours as it is, but I want you to retain one more for me.∞
HAMIFI: Look back on it later, even.∞