LILITH: You've read the tales of your heritage, of the one we cultivated and set to walk the earth
LILITH: Our connections are how you got here in the first place
LILITH: Tell us, hero of life. How did her power serve you?
ELLSEE: Of coursΣ that's thΣ first thing you ask.
ELLSEE: Uh... I don't rΣally think it sΣrvΣd mΣ much of anything¿¿
ELLSEE: If you'rΣ looking for a standing ovation or a hΣartfΣlt thank you, sorry¡¡ I don't havΣ ΣithΣr of thosΣ¡¡
ELLSEE: My blood is thΣ lΣast important thing about mΣ. It kΣΣps mΣ limbΣr and spry and that's it¡¡ That's all it should do¡¡¡¡
LILITH: Interesting
LILITH: We don't believe that's true. And we know resentment when we hear it
LILITH: You share our color and its blessing
LILITH: Your blood gives life, but that cannot be taken from you by force
LILITH: Still, others always wish to grasp at what is not theirs to hold
LILITH: You're a symbol and a bounty
LILITH: Just as your ancestor before you
LILITH: Do not pretend that it has had a negligible impact on you
ELLSEE: So— what if I am¿¿¿¿ Am I supposΣd to just start strutting around all full of mysΣlf likΣ I'm somΣ kind of cosmic hotshot¿¿ Is that what you want to hΣar¿¿
ELLSEE: Living isn't about that. I'M not that.
LILITH: Now, now. It's not that simple, is it?
LILITH: Nature and nurture are inextricable from each other, past a certain point. You are a result of your circumstances as much as you are a determiner of your selfhood
LILITH: Your forebearers, myself included, took it upon ourselves to intervene in your world's affairs
LILITH: Zekura Raines lived many lives in her time, and she used all of her acquired wisdom and experience to make you aware of your purpose, to ready you for it
LILITH: Yet we see that you aren't
ELLSEE: YΣah, I mΣan, maybΣ¿¿ If you want to takΣ ΣvΣrything in thΣ most litΣral boilΣrplatΣ way possiblΣ.
ELLSEE: I think it's stupid to assign "worth" on thΣ basis of what somΣonΣ can do or how thΣy do it.
ELLSEE: ΣvΣn thΣ why is a bit of a strΣtch¡¡ BΣcausΣ somΣtimΣs wΣ do things that don't makΣ sΣnsΣ¡¡
LILITH: Nothing exists without purpose. There are causes and there are effects, and you are the result of several causes that you still don't understand the gravity of
ELLSEE: I'vΣ just nΣvΣr thought of mysΣlf as that onΣ troll who has gnarly grΣΣn goop in hΣr vΣins and is mΣant for somΣ kind of supΣr important dΣstiny.
ELLSEE: Look, this wholΣ timΣ it's all bΣΣn a bunch of "blah blah blah what doΣs your lifΣ MΣAN", whatΣvΣr.
ELLSEE: I don't think thΣrΣ's an inhΣrΣnt mΣaning to living¡¡ I wish pΣoplΣ would stop asking mΣ that¡¡
ELLSEE: Do you want to know what I RΣALLY am¿¿ I'm a pΣrson. I'm an ΣxpΣriΣncΣ that othΣr pΣoplΣ don't gΣt to havΣ. I'm not this lΣgΣnd ΣvΣryonΣ barΣly sΣΣms to rΣmΣmbΣr.
ELLSEE: WhΣn I'm talkΣd about, I'm nΣvΣr ΣllsΣΣ RainΣs: local friΣnd in your arΣa.
ELLSEE: I'm a curΣ, or a thrΣat, or somΣtimΣs both¡¡
ELLSEE: So ΣXCUSΣ mΣ if I don't rΣally carΣ about having this bΣ a continuing trΣnd.