ME: Eye still can't make sense .o.f it, eye never c.o.uld
ME: I've always felt like s.o.mething was different ab.o.ut me
ME: .O.ur s.o.ciety is built .o.n these strict expectati.o.ns .o.f str.o.ng feelings and the mutual understanding .o.f what we can d.o. f.o.r .o.thers
ME: .O.r what .o.thers can d.o. f.o.r y.o.u
ME: But eye d.o.n't understand .o.ther pe.o.ple
ME: And .o.ther pe.o.ple d.o.n't understand me either
ME: S.o. what else d.o. eye have besides the capability t.o. w.o.rk?