ME: Why have pe.o.ple depend .o.n me when i'm terrible at returning the fav.o.r?
ME: And what's w.o.rse
ME: Why d.o. eye have t.o. be aware .o.f h.o.w awful eye am at it?
ME: Eye d.o.n't even get blissful ign.o.rance with my ineptitude, ellsee
ME: N.o.t as much as i'd like
ME: My instincts tell me that y.o.u w.o.uld say if s.o.mething was wr.o.ng between us
ME: With me
ME: But deep d.o.wn eye rec.o.gnize that y.o.u d.o.n't because y.o.u're scared .o.f h.o.w eye might react
ME: That eye w.o.n't get it
ME: Even if we d.o.n't talk .o.r see each .o.ther as much as we sh.o.uld
ME: Eye can still hear y.o.u in my mind
ME: Eye see y.o.u and every.o.ne else i've ever sp.o.ken t.o.
ME: Y.o.u're all there and eye d.o.n't kn.o.w h.o.w t.o. face any .o.f y.o.u
ME: S.o. eye keep t.o. myself
ME: And eye d.o.n't say anything