ME: It makes me feel like a m.o.nster, that i'm incapable .o.f d.o.ing anything except what i've been t.o.ld t.o. d.o.
ME: What's been p.o.inted .o.ut

ME: It's easy f.o.r me t.o. put w.o.rk first because facing this kind .o.f failure just means that y.o.u have t.o. try again
ME: Y.o.u d.o.n't always get that chance with pe.o.ple
ME: There's n.o. cure all f.o.r em.o.ti.o.nal damage .o.r making the wr.o.ng ch.o.ice with the right pers.o.n
ME: N.o. bl.oo.d t.o. be spilled, n.o. c.o.rpse t.o. be reanimated
ME: D.o. y.o.u kn.o.w why eye th.o.ught that imm.o.rtality c.o.uld very well be a s.o.luti.o.n t.o. what ails us?
ME: It's because it w.o.uld make life easy
ME: Because eye get tired, ellsee
ME: Eye d.o.
ME: I'm tired .o.f w.o.rking with.o.ut substance
ME: I'm tired .o.f n.o.t being by y.o.ur side
ME: S.o. i'm g.o.ing t.o. use what this game has t.o. .o.ffer t.o. change that