ME: I'm g.o.ing t.o. w.o.rk .o.n finding my way t.o. y.o.u as s.oo.n as i'm d.o.ne resp.o.nding t.o. this latest mem.o. eye was just tagged in
ME: Might be g.oo.d t.o. check in f.o.r .o.nce, as eye fear eye may be pre.o.ccupied f.o.r a spell
ME: The s.o. called "checkp.o.ints" .o.n my planet are spread very far and wide
ME: As are any gates that will direct me t.o. .o.ther planets
ME: S.o. .o.nce these c.o.nversati.o.ns wrap, my hands will be tied until eye find y.o.u again
ME: Apparently there's a raging st.o.rm r.o.iling acr.o.ss the land that eye need t.o. quell, and it's n.o.t advised t.o. be caught in it
ME: Lucky me that eye get the place where .o.ur hydr.o.ph.o.bic survival tactics c.o.me in handy