JENTHA: why would you DO t that
JENTHA: youre j just stiffing yourself from whatever you n n need me to do
AF: I correctly predicted that you would get fed up with running in circles.
AF: Unlike the rest of my family, I don't do the whole prose and riddles thing.
JENTHA: right youve got a bit more r respect for my intelligence than that
JENTHA: you s showed me that you have terrible ideas instead of telling me a about it
JENTHA: dont count out p p prose just yet youd make a g great writer
AF: Hahahahahahaha! You're a riot.
AF: Anyway, I hate navel gazing! Self-discovery isn't my area of interest.
AF: Self-actualization, on the other hand, very much is.
AF: That's why I figured, why not bypass our initial conversation and just throw us right into the very boring fray?
AF: I think the message is pretty clear. This place is the way it is because you and I both know that your isolationist mindset is holding you back.
JENTHA: wow did you f figure that out all by y yourself
JENTHA: a and?
AF: And it's in our best interests that you break some bad habits reeeeeal quick.
AF: Lucky you, I'm willing to personally aid you in leading that charge!
JENTHA: what do i g get out of it
AF: A real challenge.
AF: Plus, insider info! You're probably going to be the first one to know what's really happening around here. Feel free to tell your friends.
AF: These planets aren't just what you see on the surface, you know. They're supposed to change with you.
AF: Over the course of a typical session, the other players will hop over to your land at one point or another. Performing certain tasks with them will unlock deeper sections of your planet and transform it.
AF: When that's done, your final quest really begins.
AF: In the core of the planet, our aspect's essence will materialize, wherein I will judge your worth to carry our power.
AF: If you couldn't tell, we have our eyes on you everywhere you go!
JENTHA: c c c c c creeps
AF: Sometimes we use that knowledge to help, sometimes we use it to up the ante, and sometimes we use it against you.
AF: In this case, however, you would have to face yourself. Making it all the way to me is only half the battle.
AF: And if you were judged unworthy, I would have given you a great task as repentance.
AF: Now, doesn't that sound like a whole lot of pomp for no good reason?
JENTHA: so w w what
JENTHA: is your less p pompy idea to g give me that big c chore right out of the gate
AF: Yep. Trial by fire.
JENTHA: idk this isnt a a adding up for m me
JENTHA: theres one thing you learn after having to d d deal with scalpers and c critics your whole l life
JENTHA: and thats skepticism
JENTHA: i d d d d dont trust you and you d didnt give me a reason to do it yet other than convenience
JENTHA: if thats whats in it for m me
JENTHA: whats in it for y y you sparklenewt
AF: Simple accomplishment! Pride and proof that my methods work, with you as my shining example.
JENTHA: oh so im your v vanity project
JENTHA: g got it
AF: My big brother, preemptively bless his soul, is such a stickler for the rules. His concepts are flawed and drawn out because he likes following predictable patterns to so-called feasible results.
AF: Creatures of habit like us don't learn that way! We learn by setting examples.
AF: Or getting our teeth kicked in.
JENTHA: teeth that dont g grow back
JENTHA: not really selling this h here
AF: This is my last chance to prove that I can do this, Jentha.
AF: If this game doesn't work out?
AF: That's it, for all of us.
AF: Okay, I'll just come out and say it. I want your help! I am grovelling on my fake phalanges and even faker knees.
AF: By definition, you are a necessary player on the field. And one of the most valuable, by far!
AF: If you stick with me, we could be strong. We could be amazing!
JENTHA: strong h h how