AF: Oh man, this is going to be a blast! Me and you, together like two ends of a filament.
JENTHA: cant w wait
AF: You're making a whole show out of being bitter, but I know you actually can't!
AF: Kinda feels bad that you don't recognize how much you want it.
AF: Whatever you went through back in that dump must have really gotten to you, huh?
JENTHA: you want to r r run that b by me again
AF: No need to play coy. I know all about you, jitterbug.
JENTHA: i dont play coy e ever
JENTHA: im asking what the hell youre g getting at
AF: Do you actually not remember? Or is it easier to play pretend and try to forget?
AF: I've watched you live over a hundred lives, and I know weakness when I see it.
AF: But us lightbound don't have weaknesses like the kind I sense in you.
AF: You were meant to be strong, even without me.
AF: With your role as the Heir, your sensibilities in relation to our aspect are supposed to be inherent. As easy as breathing, and just as natural.
AF: Yet I see no Heir of Light.
AF: Which leads me to believe that you've never had an experience like this before, where someone recognizes the greatness you've always had.
AF: At least... not for a long time.
AF: And that's because it wasn't your choice, was it?