TEE HANOS: Now, just what is this?
ALT!MURRIT: >([whatzittoya?]
TEE HANOS: Seems like you're cowering away from your path.
ALT!MURRIT: >(['s not what i had in mind]
ALT!MURRIT: >([just gonna make my own]

TEE HANOS: Ah. I should have known.
TEE HANOS: The Scribe's shadow has rightfully taken you for a fool, what with a desperate mechanism like that.

ALT!MURRIT: >([inspiring stuff boss hoss]
TEE HANOS: I'm going to warn you once and only once.
TEE HANOS: Heed their advice?
TEE HANOS: You'll wish I had gone for the head.

ALT!MURRIT: >([thats all you consort fuckos ever yammer on about when theres a playa doin something u dont think is "correct" for their "sacred mission"]
ALT!MURRIT: >([off with their head off with their head]
ALT!MURRIT: >([maybe if you stopped w/ all these threats of goin full renaissance on my ass id be more willing to comply]

TEE HANOS: If that's not enough, then there's no reasoning with you.
TEE HANOS: Just know this.
TEE HANOS: Dread it, run from it...
TEE HANOS: Oblivion arrives all the same.

ALT!MURRIT: >([ill take my chances]
TEE HANOS: Then I hope they remember you.
ALT!MURRIT: >([cant see how they wouldnt]
ALT!MURRIT: >([theres a lot of me to go around]