Serpaz: Check Skorpe.

Wow, they really went all out. Just like last time, and also all the other times before it. These guys loooove showing off how creepy and invasive and WEIRD they are. You can't stand it.

On an usual occasion, you'd be seeing your SKORPE THEME on your JERRYTOP, "PILKINGTON'S PLUNDERS". And just as usually, the HARBINGERS took over the entire thing with their own display, complete with their stupid banana cult mascot on the lower right.

This program is way too easy to bust into. You bet even someone like you could figure out how to do it. That'd be a nice way to get back at those clowns. Unfortunately, they got to you first. They are in possession of the upper hand, whereas you have none, metaphorically speaking. In most other situations you at least have your right one, plus Lefty! That's two whole hands!

You may as well just amputate yourself while you're at it, for all the good that's gonna do in your current predicament. If there's one thing you've learned in your previous debacles, it's that their head honcho does not take no for an answer.

Time to brace for the worst.